Mission Trips

At Mattersey Hall, the short-term mission trips are a highlight of the year. Every on-campus student goes on a Mission Trip as part of a team in the second semester. The trips can vary between years, but they are chosen through strong links already established by the team leader or through AoG Mission.

In April, our teams went to Ghana, Macedonia, Tenerife, Iceland, Albania, Czech Republic, Sheffield and Aberdeen. The trips all varied in missiological emphasis. We had trips that emphasised social action, anti-trafficking, evangelism, kids work and church work. The main aim of the trip is to give students a global perspective on mission whilst encouraging the hosts of the teams.

Each student gets to identify their top five mission trips of choice and then the Vice Principal and the Missions Coordinator put the teams together. It is an exciting part of the academic year as the students get to put into practice the theory that they have been learning in the classroom. It is also a time to spend time with key mission people in the UK and practising missionaries.