College Life

Most weekdays commence with student-led worship and ministry in the chapel. The Wednesday morning ‘Main Event’ chapel service is extended to an hour and a half to make more room for lively, enthusiastic worship, the exercise of spiritual gifts and encouraging ministry from faculty, staff and visiting speakers. Throughout the year, one of the morning chapel services is replaced by small mentoring groups led by faculty and staff members.

Lectures then take place throughout the morning (ordinarily you will spend approximately 15 hours of the week in the classroom). Afternoon and evening activities include additional lectures, master classes and prayer groups, but there is still plenty of time for private study, recreational activities and opportunities for you to get involved in different aspects of ministry into the local community and churches (including schools and youth work, prison ministry, evangelism, among many other things).

Residential students are accommodated on campus in our hall of residence. Married student with children may prefer to attend the College as day students. There is ample accommodation in the nearby towns and villages to rent and the College is usually able to assist in helping applicants to find suitable houses or apartments at reasonable rates.

The College Dean and his team, together with other faculty and staff, are available to advise, encourage and counsel students with regard to personal and spiritual issues. Day-to-day pastoral care is also available from the Lead Students.