Church Placement

Church placements are an integral aspect of what we do at Mattersey Hall. They provide an opportunity for students to engage with a local church where they are able to learn by observing and interacting. Students also have the option of remaining with their home church whilst at Mattersey.

We have identified churches of various sizes, flavours and ministry emphasis that are willing to partner with us in creating an environment for students to grow and develop. Students will be made to feel at home and will have opportunity to serve in various aspects of church life, whilst also being given insight into the ‘nuts and bolts of church life’ through spending time with the leadership.

Placements typically run on a Friday afternoon/evening (when kid’s clubs/youth tend to run) and a Sunday. Most churches give students the Saturday off although each placement church will vary its programme to suit its activities. We also work hard at pairing the right students with the right churches by gathering as much information about the student beforehand as possible.

All students in the first year take the ‘local church ministry’ module which is designed to further enhance the placement experience. Topics on the course are designed to increase the awareness of the challenges and opportunities that come with church leadership and then the weekends become an excellent opportunity to see this at work.

For those continuing with their home church, there is more emphasis placed on the student to feed back to the college anything that the college needs to know. This is more of a light touch relationship”.