Standards & Validation

At Mattersey Hall we are committed to marrying the very best preparation for all spheres of ministry with the very highest of academic standards. We don’t see any contradiction between the two – in fact we positively encourage our students to seek to excel in both their studies and their passion for Jesus Christ. It is possible to do both!

In fact, we have been consistently commended by our validating authorities and external examiners for the quality of the teaching and learning experience we offer – we have been told that our teaching of the biblical languages is amongst the best in the country.

We are delighted that all our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are validated by the University of Chester. The fact that we are subject to regular quality assurance inspections from the university guarantees the credibility and value of the qualification you will earn with us. You can rest assured therefore that our academic standards are entirely comparable to those of the mainstream universities.


Accreditation of prior learning

Mattersey Hall has a clear policy for considering transfers of credit for prior and experience-based learning. If you think you may be eligible for such a credit please mention this to us at interview and we will explain our procedures to you.


Our academic year

Our academic year divides into two semesters. Each semester is sixteen weeks long, and consists of ten weeks of BA lectures, an induction week, some reading weeks, some Spiritual Emphasis weeks (or ‘Activate’ weeks) – in Semester Two these form the Missions Trip – and an exam week. Together with a few other special events, this means that a full-time student would be expected to be at college for 33 weeks of the year. The college year begins at the end of September and concludes at the end of June. Our Christmas and Easter vacations are usually 3-4 weeks each, but care is taken to ensure that our annual scheduling matches the timetabling of local schools. This is particularly for the benefit of students with families.