Taster Days

Our next planned Virtual Taster Day is on Wednesday 1st July 2020. Our Virtual Taster Days are held online, which we recommend joining as you’ll receive a great insight into what Mattersey Hall offers.

To book a place, please follow the link below.

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Are you interested in experiencing what it would be like to be a full-time student at Mattersey? Perhaps you’ve read the prospectus, looked at the website, or chatted with past students, but there is nothing quite like the experience of spending some time at the college for yourself. ‘Taster Days’ are an excellent opportunity to do just that. The college opens its doors and invites you to be our guest, to come and see what being at Mattersey is all about – especially if you are considering a full-time course on one of our undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.

So what does the ‘Taster Day’ experience involve?

  • Sit in on a Mattersey lecture given by one of our excellent teaching faculty.
  • Join the student body, faculty, and staff at our Main Event.
  • Have a tour around the campus.
  • Network with our present students.
  • Take the opportunity to chat with staff and faculty about our courses, as well as to ask any questions you may have about studying with us.
  • Enjoy lunch in the Dining Room, free of charge.


If you are interested in booking a place, or if you have any further questions, please chat with us on 01777 817663 or contact us on hello@matterseyhall.com.

We looking forward to meeting you!

Here’s what some of our first year students have said about their experience of Taster Days:

Personally, I really enjoyed the Taster Day. I liked how we were able to integrate with the students and weren’t kept separate. Doing that enabled me to ask students what Mattersey was really like from their point of view. I also really enjoyed going to Main Event on Wednesday morning, that was a big influence on my decision. Ultimately, the thing that won me over was the community feel and how everyone was so friendly. I think for taster students, the main thing is to see authenticity, so just letting them be part of a normal Mattersey day is important.
Hannah Flynn, 1st Year Student BA in Biblical Studies and Theology
The Taster Day was very welcoming and well structured. It helped to have a good schedule! It was also great to have the chance to speak to current students. The hospitality was good too – teas coffees etc.
I decided to come really because on my Taster Day I asked God two questions. Was it Mattersey and was it this year? And as you know the answer is got to both questions was yes!  
Sarah Hulbert, 1st Year Student BA in Biblical Studies and Theology
As someone who was considering coming to Mattersey to start with the Taster days massively helped me in making my final decision. I felt so at home because it wasn’t fake. There was no mask over the Taster Day. Every student and staff member was genuine and that is still proven to be true. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to answer questions.
Having people around to ask questions and to spend time with really helped me get a feel for student life. My taster days were amazing.
Jessica Carpenter, 1st Year Student BA in Biblical Studies and Theology.
If it wasn’t for my experience on the Taster Day I would not be at Mattersey now. The encouragement and support I received from students and staff at Mattersey was amazing, as soon as I entered the door it felt like I was at home. Also, my experience at Wednesday’s Main Event and the lecture I attended confirmed that Mattersey is what God wanted for me and it is the greatest choice I have ever made. 
Kenneth Davidson, 1st Year Student BA in Biblical Studies and Theology