Ministry Matters

At Mattersey Hall we believe that forming of the next generation of Christian leaders must involve practical experience gained in a local church setting and through involvement in community outreach.


In order to fulfil this goal we provide practical ministry opportunities in churches located in easy proximity of the College. Mattersey is committed to helping students discover and develop their spiritual gifts and lifelong calling for ministry. This time of exploration will open your eyes to all that God has created you to be, and how he wants you to be involved in His great mission.

For new students, ministry will include being placed with your fellow students on a ministry team working with the various ministries of a local church. You will have a vast degree of practical experience that will humble you, stretch your abilities and hopefully reveal your spiritual gifts and continue your development as a minister of the gospel.

As you continue in your studies, you will also have opportunity to travel on weekend ministry teams for special outreaches in churches throughout the United Kingdom. Students also have the opportunity to explore new ministries such as prison evangelism, children and youth work, school assemblies and much more! We will even help you to find ministry jobs and locations as your time of study comes to a close. Mattersey is committed to properly train you to do the work of the ministry. Your practical experience at Mattersey Hall will lay a solid foundation for future ministry and prepare you for God’s great work.

Mattersey Hall wants you to succeed in the classroom, in ministry and in life. Therefore, we have established a holistic mentoring programme to guide the formation of each student academically, practically, spiritually and emotionally, with a goal of the successful completion of a degree or diploma programme and entrance into Christian ministry. We accomplish this through the matching of each student with a member of the faculty or full-time staff as his or her mentor. Although you will have many mentors in life, your Mattersey mentor will become your main point of reference during your time of study and the programme will provide practical guidelines to keep you on track in all areas of college life.