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Module Descriptors and Lecture Notes

Different lecturers will produce different volumes and styles of notes so you may notice differences between the notes relating to the style the lecturer chooses to take.  Most notes will be distributed in digital format rather than in print.

Module notes are now available only on each module page in Moodle.

Assignment Titles and deadlines are also listed at the submissions section on each module page in Moodle.

The links here are to the various module descriptors of the modules offered by Mattersey Hall.  These descriptors include information such as course content, learning outcomes and essential bibliography.  Each of these modules are not necessarily available every year.  Please check the timetables for courses being offered this year.

Level 4: BA Biblical Studies and Theology & Christian Leadership

Module Descriptors

TH4350 Study Skills
TH4351 Old Testament Survey
TH4352 New Testament Survey
TH4353 John’s Gospel in English (A)
TH4354 John’s Gospel in English (B)
TH4355 Understanding the Bible
TH4356 Communicating the Bible
TH4357 Introductory NT Greek (1)
TH4358 Introductory NT Greek (2)
TH4359 Christian Doctrine (1)
TH4361 Church History Survey
TH4362 Lukan Perspectives on Mission
TH4363 Introduction to Missions
TH4364 Missions Trip (1)
TH4365 Christian Worldview
TH4366 Introduction to Christian Leadership

Level 5: BA Biblical Studies and Theology & Christian Leadership and Graduate Diploma

Module Descriptors

TH5350 OT Studies
TH5352 NT Background
TH5353 NT Studies
TH5356 Intm. NT Greek (1)
TH5357 Intm. NT Greek (2)
TH5358 Intro. Bib Heb (1)
TH5359 Intro. Bib Heb (2)
TH5360 Early Church History
TH5364 Christian Personal & Social Ethics
TH5365 Christian Missions
TH5366 Cross-cultural Min.
TH5367 Biblical Perspectives on the Local Church
TH5369 Missions Trip (2)
TH5370 Pauline Studies
TH5371 Introductory NT Greek (1)
TH5372 Introductory New Testament Greek (2)
TH5373 Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies
TH5396 Christian Youth Leadership
TH5398 Ministry Placement

Level 6: BA Biblical Studies and Theology & Christian Leadership and Graduate Diploma

Module Descriptors

TH6350 OT Theology
TH6351 Isaiah
TH6352 New Testament Theology
TH6353 Hebrews
TH6354 Mark’s Gospel in Greek
TH6355 John’s Gospel in Greek
TH6356 Int. Bib. Hebrew (1)
TH6357 Int. Bib. Hebrew (2)
TH6358 Biblical Aramaic
TH6362 Dissertation (BST)
TH6363 Intermediate NT Greek (1)
TH6364 Intermediate NT Greek (2)
TH6365 Contemporary and Apostolic Leadership
TH6367 Creative Communication
TH6370 Approaches to Healing
TH6371 Dissertation (CL)
TH6372 Global Pentecostalism
TH6384 Intro. Biblical Hebrew (1)
TH6385 Intro. Biblical Hebrew (2)
TH6396 Christian Youth Leadership (2)
TH6398 Ministry Placement (2)

 Level 7: Postgraduate – MA Practical Theology, Missional Leadership & Biblical Studies

Module Descriptors

TH7401 Research Methods, Perspectives & Resources
TH7405 Biblical Pneumatology
TH7407 Exegetical and Hermeneutical Methods
TH7410 New Testament Backgrounds
TH7411 New Testament Theology
TH7418 Contemporary Issues in World Mission 1: Strategy
TH7428 Pentecostal Approaches to Divine Healing
TH7431 Leadership Development
TH7432 Leadership Strategy
TH7433 Organisational Leadership
TH7434 Self Leadership
TH7435 Dissertation

Level 8: Postgraduate – Doctor of Ministry

Module Descriptors

TH7401 Research Methods, Perspectives and Resources
TH8402 Literature Review
TH8403 Publishable Article
TH8404 Research in Ministry
TH8405 Research Design and DMin Proposal
TH8406 Dissertation