Searching for a book.

Our on-site library can be searched online.  Using this search you can find out if we have a book, find out if that book is currently available for loan, and reserve a book you’d like.  We use a programme called Heritage to manage our library catalogue.  Please click the following link to access the Heritage online library catalogue: (Opens in a new window)

Please click the following link to access the Chester University Portal:  (opens in a new window)

To view your account details you will need your card number which is available from the Research Centre Manager.

To view the layout of the resources in the Research Centre, download this helpful plan:


Using periodicals and journals is often an excellent way of finding additional sources of information for both undergraduate and postgraduate research. The Research Centre houses a number of different kinds of journals. See the following:

Finding your way around the Library

The following files will help you to access the Online Library available to students.  There is a guide to using the online service and another guide regarding the journals available to students:

This video guide will help you access the online library:

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