Undergraduate Courses



Mattersey Hall offers a BA (Hons) degree in Biblical Studies and Theology (BA-BST). This course last three years, full-time (studying 120 credits worth of modules each year).For those who already have a Bachelors degree in a non-theological discipline, and who would like to pursue theological study, and maybe go on to take a Masters degree, we also offer a fully validated one-year full-time Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies. These programmes may be studied part-time and are available in two delivery formats, either onsite or as a distance learning programme.

Please note, application deadlines for the BA in Biblical Studies and Theology (both Campus-based and by Distance Learning) is Monday 31st July 2017.

BA in Biblical Studies and Theology


Our BA in Biblical Studies and Theology is specifically designed to equip and train Christian leaders. The programme includes a focus on biblical studies (including biblical languages), Church history, theology and approaches to leadership and ministry. Lecturers are nationally and internationally recognised in their respective specialisms, and academic standards are of the very highest. Lecturers are also practitioners with proven track records, and their involvement in local churches ensures that the programme includes the application of biblical and theological knowledge to a contemporary ministry setting. In the first year all students study essentially the same modules. In the second and third years students may choose from a selection of modules that best suit their future needs.

Distance Learning Options


We appreciate that there may be some people who are unable to attend an on-campus programme. The BA- BST and the GradDip, with the exception of a few modules, are also available as Distance Learning (DL) options. Those studying by DL will be assigned a Personal Tutor, to give advice and ongoing help and support through the programme. They will also have specific Module Tutors, guiding them through the course material and the assignments. DL students are welcome to visit the campus, and are free to attend any relevant lectures.

In addition to these validated BA and GradDip courses, there is a Discipleship Course (non-validated, distance-learning) available through Global University. Please contact our Distance Learning Department for more details.

Admission Requirements

For applicants under 21, the primary requirement of acceptance to Mattersey Hall is evidence of the candidate’s ability to complete the programme – a part of which is expected 2 A-levels or equivalent. Mature applicants (21+), who do not have formal qualifications, may still be admitted, though in that case it is usual to ask applicants to submit an essay on a Biblical subject.

Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies (GradDip)


The GradDip is designed for students who have already completed a recognised degree in a non-theological discipline, and who want to do further serious study in the area of Biblical Studies, Theology and Christian Leadership, possibly as preparation for a Masters programme, either at Mattersey Hall or at other institutions.

This programme may also be studied part-time and/or by Distance Learning. It is open to anyone with a recognised Bachelors degree. Unfortunately there is no student finance available for the GradDip.

Terms and Conditions