Visiting Faculty

Gareth Cheedy

A Baptist minister from South Wales, Gareth has been a popular and perceptive teacher of Christian Counselling at Mattersey for over 20 years, which he teaches to first-year students during ‘ACTIVATE’ in May.


Andrew Georgiou

Andrew has been involved in pastoral ministry since graduating from Mattersey in 1984 both as a Home Missions Worker and an AOG minister. In 2007, he took up the position of full-time Prison Chaplain within the Juvenile Prison Estate. He is a member of the AOG National Chaplaincy Team and teaches An Introduction to Chaplaincy during ‘ACTIVATE. He holds an MA in Missional Leadership.


Mark Wreford

Mark Wreford is a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham, where he works closely with the Centre for Bible, Ethics, and Theology. His PhD focuses on the connection between religious experience and the creation of Scripture: how the earliest church moved from experiencing God’s Spirit to writing authoritative, revelatory texts. He has a background in Christian journalism as a staff writer for New Life Publishing, and has co-edited a collection of scholarly essays, Why Does the Bible Matter? in co-operation with the Bible Society. He is currently working another edited volume on epiphanies in the Septuagint and New Testament. Mark currently teaches New Testament Theology to our third years.


Edward Issitt

Edward has been in pastoral ministry in the U.K. for over fifteen years and is a graduate of our BA and MA programmes. Edward is currently the director of Your Mission, a ministry to mobilize all Christians for the Great Commission and is a member of the A.o.G. (GB) National Missions Team. He currently teaches Church History to first-year students.


Rachel Issitt

Former primary school teacher, Rachel, has taught Introduction to Missions since graduating from the MTh programme in 2007. She has coordinated and led many short-term mission teams over the years and is currently co-director of Your Mission with her husband, Edward. Her first book on missions was published in 2012.


Grayson Jones

Grayson has been involved in senior leadership since graduating from Mattersey in 1991. He is currently the Senior Leader of Legacy Church, a large and vibrant assembly in the centre of Doncaster, and currently, serves as the National Training Director and is on the National Leadership Team of AOG (GB). Grayson holds an MA in Missional Leadership and teaches Contemporary Prophetic and Apostolic Leadership to third years.


Professor William Kay

After undergraduate studies at Trinity College, Oxford, William worked part-time with the University of Reading where he took an MEd and a PhD in comparative education and psychology. Shortly after this he registered at the University of Nottingham and completed a PhD in theology. In 2009 the University of Nottingham conferred a DD on him on the basis of his published works.

He was subsequently Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Theology and Education, Trinity College, Carmarthen; Senior Lecturer in the Department for Education and Professional Studies at King’s College, London; and Director of the Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, Bangor University. He is currently Professor of Theology at Glyndwr University and Professor of Pentecostal Studies at the University of Chester. William is an ordained minister with the British Assemblies of God and  previously served the College as the Chancellor of Mattersey Hall.  William lectures on the degree programmes.


Dave Wade

Dave Wade has been involved with Mattersey for a number of years, first as a student and then as a member of Faculty, serving as the Church Placement Coordinator and as a lecturer.  Dave is currently the Senior Leader of Bridge Church, Lincoln and is a teaches Church Placement to first years.